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Lovely Head 7025882-9

Paper Bag 7025883-0

Human 7025884-2

Pilots 7025885-4

Deer Stop 7025886-6

Felt Mountain

Oompa Radar

Utopia 7025889-1

Horse Tears

All tracks written, performed, & produced by Will Gregory and Alison Golfrapp.

Except *

Alison Golfrapp vocals, whistling & keyboards.     Will Gregory keyboards, string & brass arrangements.

Adittional musicians:

Lovely Head: Violin & Viola – Stuart Gordon, Bass Guitar – Adrian Utley, Bass Synth – Nick Batt, Drums – John Parish.

Paper Bag: String Enssemble 2, Baritone Ukelele, Melodica & Koto – Andy Davis, Synth & Tremolo, Bass Guitar – Adrian Utley, Drums – John Parish, Humming – Mute Male Voices.

Human: String Enssemble 1, Percussion – Rowan Oliver, Metal Percussion – Nick Batt, Trumpet – Andy Bush, Tenor Saxophone – Ben Waghorn, Trombone – John Cornick.

Pilots: String Ensemble 1, Percussion – Rowan Oliver, Brushes – Clive Deamer, Bass Guitar – Adrian Utley.

Deer Stop: String Ensemble 2

Felt Mountain: Tremolo Violins – Stuart Gordon, French Horn – Steve MacAllister, Synth – Steve Claydon.

Oompa Radar: Brass Band – “Flowers Band”, Flugal Horn Solo – Andy Bush, Drums – Tony Orrel.

Utopia: String Ensemble 2 , Synth – Steve Claydon, Drums – Tony Orrel.

Horse Tears: Violin, Viola & Violin Solo- Stuar Gordon, Bass Guitar, Tremolo Guitar & Drums – john Parish, String Ensemble 1: Violin – Sonia Slany, Violin – Jaquelline Norrie, Viola – Bill Hawkes, Cello – Nick Cooper.

String Ensemble 2: Violin – Alexander Balanescu, Violin – Sonia Slany, Viola – Nick Barr, Cello – Nick Cooper , double Bass – Mary Scully.

All tracks recorded and mixed at homeand at the bungalow except for: Human vocal recorded at Christchurch Studios. Deer Stop mixed at “the Instrument”. Utopia mixed at ” Eden Studios”. Additional mixing: Utopia-Dave Basscombe, Human – Nick Batt , Deer Stop & Paper Bag – Kevin Paul. Additional Engineering: Nick Batt, Luke Gordon, Kevin Paul, David Lord. Additional Programming: Lovely Head, Human, Pilot & Utopia – Nick Batt, Human & Pilots – Luke Gordon, Utopia – Chris Weston. Mastered at “Loud” by John Dent. * Human (Norflok/Locke/Golfrapp/Gregory) Bug Music Ltd/Copyright Control. Sleeve design Alison Golfrapp. Inside Photo of  Will Gregory & Front cover by Joe Dillworth, inside photo of Alison Golfrapp by Anna Fox, Landscape photography by © C.L.Schmidt & Gunter Graefenhain, / bristock LFA.

Our many thanks to Steve Claydon, Colin Wallace, Daniel Miller & everyone at Mute, John Parish, Adrian Utley, Carole Pearson, Nick Batt,  Anna Fox, Joe Dillworth, and all the musicians who played on this album.

Alison thanks Ma, Pa and Family, Sir Steve, all the old girls, Ennio, Hazel and all my mates xxxx.

Will thanks Carole Pearson, Hazel Grian & Sergio Leone.